“Old Fashioned Love”

I don’t want the world,
I don’t care about the fame or the power.
I’m just a little girl,
Who wants to wake up to a kiss and flowers..
From the one I love,
from the one that I adore.
And I don’t want it easy;
I just want to keep wanting more,
more of your love.
More of your love.

Tell me what you know.
Tell me all the secrets you hold.
I’ll never let ‘em go,
Oh I will take care of your soul.
No no no,
You can trust my love!
I’ll give you every reason you need.
Oh when loving you gets tough,
No, I won’t give up or leave.
Cause I need your love,
Oh I need your love.

Oh baby let me love you like you’ve never been in love before,
I’ll be yours.
I’ll be here to stay,
No I won’t give your love away!
I wanna wake up and see you right by my side,
I don’t wanna worry about you leaving me tonight!
No I,
No I,
No I,
No I,
No I,
No I,
No I don’t need anything all that I need is your love.

I’m just a little girl,
but I will take of your soul.
Just love me like you mean it,
I promise I’ll never let go..
of your love.

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