“No Better”

I hate the way you cut me off,
I never liked the way you moved.
Whenever you’re uncomfortable,
because I was too close to you.
You always take up all the space,
There’s never any left for me.
You promised that you’d stay awake,
then you fall asleep on me.
You never share the blanket,
You always take it from me-
And baby I’m cold too,
But it makes me no better.
‘Cause I’m nothing without you.
Leaning in for a kiss, you turn away
And start laughing saying “missed me!”
You know i hate that shit, now
Get over here and kiss me.
Now, why would you run away?
Would I ever break your heart?
Or do you think we’d ever fall apart?
‘Cause you like to blame me,
For being far away,
But baby you’re far too-
But it makes me no better,
‘Cause I’m nothing without you.
I said, it makes me no better,
‘Cause I’m nothing without you.
No nothing, I’m nothing no.
I’ve been lost in love,
I’ve been broken down,
And I’ve been alone.
But with you,
When I’m with you, I’m home.
I always say I love you more,
Do you really have to leave?
You promised me one more song,
Baby, will you dance with me?
I’ll spin you around, ooh ooh
I’ll fall to the ground.

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