“I Want It To Be You”
(feat. Mac Mase)

Not anyone but you
Not anyone but you
Could you be my one and only?

I want you!

What if I told you
That I really like you?
What if I showed you
That maybe I could surprise you?
Would you be so kind to open up your mind and heart to me?
Would it be alright if we just ride along this road?

And see that I can’t be with anyone but you
Not anyone but you because
I want it to be you
I want it to be you
(I want you!)

I said hey
Let’s take a ride down the interstate 5 even squeeze in a dinner for two
Just in that moment, yes everything told me that I want you
To be the one who cheers me up and gives me hugs when I am feeling lonely
And tells me everything will be alright
And when I cry I know that I don’t look the same
But can you tell me that I’m pretty anyway?
Could you be my one and only?
Could you be the one to

Hold me close
In the daytime and in the nighttime
What do you say?
We can go
To a place that I know you’d like
Like what do you say
If I gave my heart to you
Would you be my lover?
‘Cause I want this life with you
No, I don’t want no other

[Mac Mase:]
Hey yo, look
I just want it to be you, is that a problem?
You know we go together like Cranberry and Vodka
And when I see you walking you don’t need a red carpet
‘Cause you’re a star in my eyes and girl I am starstruck, baby
How you summertime fine year around?
And everything is better whenever that you’re around
It’s a lot of fish in the sea, but I ain’t fishing
They tryna throw shade but I don’t listen
I’m like damn, girl
How can you come up in this thing without your man, girl?
I’ve been watching what you doing and I am a fan, girl
I’m just tryna get away, what’s the plan girl?
Gimme your hand, girl

I want it to be you
Hey, hey
I want it to be you

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