Always been the one that’s so misunderstood
But somehow you still get me out of nowhere
My heart wants to go places I don’t know about
But there’s something that my mind just won’t allow oh, yeah

See I be caring, true
Way too okay staying, yeah
I never breakthrough
Been feeling the same for years
I didn’t want you to feel like I need you here
But baby it’s true
Love know when you’re coming through

And you I don’t trust
Some of my own thoughts
But I’ve connecting
Some of my own dots

And baby the truth is
To me it’s useless
If I don’t share the world with somebody exclusive, yeah, yeah

I know I never had no cares
To see about the world out there
But baby, can we go somewhere?

‘Cause I’m a homebody, yeah, you know that
I’ve been in these walls for my whole life
But whenever I’m with you
Babe, you make me wanna see the world, oh, yeah, oh, yeah

Places that you know, we can go there
We can go wherever, babe, I don’t care
As long as I’m with you, we can go anywhere in the world
Baby, I would go with you
Baby, I would go with you

Have you ever felt like you’re too far away
Way too out of touch so you don’t have much to say
Try to hold the world, so you took off far away
Baby, do it all, I’m just hoping that you stay
‘Long as I got you, baby, I am not afraid
As long as I got you, baby, I am not afraid

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