“Buss Bars (Freestyle)”

Turn it up, Buss Bars
Toddla T producky

Koffee come in like a rapture
And everybody get capture
Place lift up like helicopter
When dem see di lyrics contractor
Koffee hottin’ up di temperature, fi dem see
Me know dem envy but friend me fi end me
Yo a first mi see people deh ’round me so plenty
But mi pocket nuh empty, me need space, oh Lord, yeah, me
See dem a watch me through a crack now
A mussi true me have di ting pon lock down
Sitting ina di Bentley, pickiny a di century
Yuh drench mi but fi mi fiyah gon’ blaze
Same way so me see di enemy a protest, oh
And him couldn’t come di closest, no
A Koffee still a do the mostest
A wah me do put in the work and trust the process
Oh yes, a so we grind right now
Koffee wid di, Koffee wid di prime time flow
Time fi we accumulate di coins I know
Mi say Jah gimme di, Jah gimme di signs like woah

Buss Bars with Toddla T

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